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>>> Jeff
Let me introduce myself…

Yes, My real name is ‘Jeff’, I have been named that for years before people start joking about it. But It sounds cool If you speak it out perfectly.
But anyway. I have joined in on Deviantart originally to give me a profile and watch even more beautiful pictures. Turns out that I use a lot more fantasy and fiction thinking and started creating my own artwork.

For over the years, I have just a few things I like to do:
• Getting used to a different community
• Use the hobby of making art for a reason
• Be creative with my characters
• And do all of the above in TOP SECRET!

So I seem to have something with sharks, honestly I never really thought about them before. I always liked them but never really used the idea. Somehow later on a few years, I figured out that no one else has the same thoughts. Everyone was different.
Using these thoughts I start to understand that these are creatures I just do love…

I’m talking a bite to deep right? Wel f*k… I was suppost to tell how much of an inspiration it is, now I see it’s a bite of weird now.

Well forget it!
Check around anytime and stay if you like. This deviant is going for shark-related (anthro?) art work with featuring by me:
• The street sharks
• Other characters
• And my own created creatures

See ya later!


It first happened in USA. People dressed as clowns and scare the shit out of random people. It quickly became a hype, in here, where I live! 

There is a report by the police everyday one has been seen. The police is taking action because it was going way to far scarring 11 years old kids in the night caring real knives.

Today reports claim out the killer clowns are treating to scare kids in their own schools. 

I believe we would get a terrible Halloween this year.

That tells me: "Just kick their nuts."
I should buy heavy guns this years Halloween, just in case... You never know when you see a giant and 3 of these Well that escalated quickly faces. 
Now there are already a few weeks of colder weather, and everyone suddenly gets sick... how nice.

But for now, the darker days and winter events are getting closer. Due this country, there simply is a party every month. So not boring at all.

I have also something different. I was planning out to go for a week to a beach paradise. That feel I havent met 2 years should give a break and a strong point with family members. Turns out, the member that could get everything done... suddenly needs to give it up due health issues. I agree. It's not going to work with everything going on with the family. I barely see them and some parts are fighting over each other. 

But there is a plan... some decided that we should do something. A plan is going out that we (Supposedly) all should leave to Germany for a few days to bring back some times we had a decade ago, when I was a child. Maybe its bad for the older ones, but the young members agreed that we would like to meet again. 

That's going to happen next month...
  • Listening to: Vanilla ace, Gee
  • Reading: My home page
  • Watching: nothing...
  • Playing: Gta V after this
  • Eating: Gum
  • Drinking: ...
Sitting outside at evening verry comfortably with one of the best beers you can buy. After a day when summer never seems to end. The temperatures still rise above 30 when the days are remarkably getting shorter every night.

I have a nice small job to help out technical issues in a school and have an exciting study to learn the advanced techniques of security in business. And I'll often like hobbies such as going on tour by bike. Or play some games and make some DA artwork.

But there's one thing I want. This isn't really paradise. For over 2 years, I haven't left this country to the beach and beautiful seas. And hot (good) weather. I really miss that. But I have a chance.     An older women in our family wants to go to that beach in a month or so. But shes been in hospital a lot lately and doesn't know if she can handle it. I promised that I would be able to support on the back, whenever she needs it.  But family drama lurks around every one...

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